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Brake Disc/Brake Rotor replacement in NZ is very common practice now as opposed to skimming the old tried rotors, particularly  at the affordable prices we can offer direct to the public.


Brake Rotors Brake Pads


Brake Disc/Brake Rotor replacement in NZ is very common practice now, at the affordable prices we can offer direct to the public for standard replacement Brake Rotors/Brake Discs it makes more sense to put new brake rotors on your car than having your old tired brake rotors/discs put through a skimming machine.


By the time you’ve paid a mechanic to dismantle your brakes, have them skimmed, supply new brake pads and put everything back together you could have bought brand new brake rotors and brake pads that are going to last twice as long and be safer to drive on.


We can supply a large range of recognised international  brands such as Zimmermann, Tech Stop, Dixcel, Znoelli… depending on the application and pads to suit including Znoelli SP500 and Icer for the Euopean applications.


We can supply Quality Brake Discs, Brake Rotors, Brake Drums & Brake Pads to suit almost any car on the market today, Japanese, American, Korean, NZ, Australian, European….. SO if your car gets knocked back at WOF time or you’re getting that wrapped brake rotor feeling through your steering wheel under load, spotted a crack in your discs or you know it’s time to change them in the family car to keep everyone safe then send us an email with your rego and we will help you get your brakes sorted.


Also available are Sports Rotors, Slotted, Dimple Drilled & Slotted, Heat Treated, 2pce Rotors………


Brake Rotors & Pads



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